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Luther T. Spayde Award of Excellence

This award will be presented annually to one outstanding member of MCDA who:

  • Demonstrates excellence as evidenced by choral music training, performance and scholarship

  • Demonstrates excellence as evidenced by long-standing commitment to choral music in Missouri, positive communication with colleagues and active participation through service and leadership in MCDA


Selection Procedure:

  • Nominations will be solicited from the general membership of MCDA

  • Nominees must be current members of MCDA (posthumous nominations accepted)

  • Nominator may be asked to submit a biographical sketch of the nominee along with a letter of nomination from a current member of MCDA and letters of support from two other members

  • The elected members of the MCDA Executive Board shall serve as the selection committee reviewing nominations and voting to select a recipient for the award

  • Current elected members of the Executive Board are ineligible to be nominated for this award

  • Nominations are automatically carried forward for two subsequent years, and thereafter may be resubmitted for future consideration

Luther T. Spayde Award Recipients



2023 Paula Martin

2022 William T. Grega

2021 Jonathan Owen

2020 Brian Reeves

2019 Jerry Scott

2018 Claude Westfall

2017 Kathy Phillips                            

2016 Kathy Bhat

2015 Alberta Smith                            

2014 Beth Dampf

2013 Trudy Tunnell                              

2012 Jeff Sandquist

2011 Mark Lawley                              

2010 Ginger Royston

2009 Sandy Cordes

2008 Ron Atteberry

2007 Don Jones

2006 Jo Turner

2005 Bruce Dickerson

2004 Carla Oliver

2003 Charles Facer

2002 Viretta Sexton

2001 Frank Thomas

2000 Charles Robinson

1999 Kelly Dame

1998 R. Paul Drummond

1997 Arnold Epley

1996 David Goodwin

1995 Guy Webb

1994 Mary Lynn Lightfoot

1993 John Hylton

1992 Rick Weymuth

1991 Mabel Gahr

1990 Jonean Ratliff

1989 Bill B. Grace

1988 Clay Dawson

1987 Award given January,1988

1986 Byron Mitchell

1985 Connie Bilyeu

1984 Conan Castle

1983 Janice Bradshaw

1982 Sally Herman

1981 Duncan Couch

1980 Noel Fulkerson

1979 Ralph E. Hart

1978 Eph Ehly

1977 Everett Hendericks

1976 Doyle Dumas

1975 O.A. Fuller

1974 Tom Mills

1973 Wesley Forbis

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