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Podium Award

This award will be presented as circumstances warrant to an outstanding member of MCDA who has made exemplary contributions to the choral art as evidenced by distinguished performance.


Selection Procedure:

  • Nominations will be solicited from the general membership of MCDA

  • Nominees must be current members of MCDA (posthumous nominations accepted)

  • Nominators may asked to provide a biographical sketch of the nominee along with a letter of nomination from a current member of MCDA and letters of support from two other members

  • The elected members of MCDA Executive Board shall serve as the selection committee reviewing nominations and voting to select a recipient for the award

  • Current members of the Executive Board are ineligible to be nominated for this award

  • Nominations may be resubmitted in subsequent years, but are not automatically carried forward for future consideration  

The Podium Award Recipients

Click on the name for picture and bio.


2022    Erin Plisco

2021     John Smith

2020    R. Paul Crabb & A. Jan Taylor

2019     Kevin McBeth & Andy Waggoner

2018     Cameron LaBarr

2017     Daniel Gutierrez

2016     Josh Geringer

2015     Raynard Brown

2014     Brian Lanier

2013     Paula Martin

2012     Mark Cotter

2001    Guy Webb

2000   Eph Ehly  

1999     Charles Bruffy

1998     Sally Herman

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