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Conductor's baton on sheet music

Registration window is

March 15-April 15

Audition Process

My Country ‘tis of Thee/America

Starting on the pitches listed below, sing the first verse unaccompanied. (Accompanied singers will be disqualified)

Starting Pitches:

    Soprano:        A above middle C     

    Alto:              E above middle C

    Tenor:            A below middle C         

    Baritone:        F below middle C

Step 1: 

Complete Audition Form &

pay $15 audition fee

- Sign in, or create an account

- There will be a dropdown menu to select ACDA when creating an account

- Once logged in there will be a list of events

- Find the MCDA Honor Choir and select

- To add students, select New Application and fill out information and upload recordings


All-State Choir Participation Information



Os Justi                                                  Anton Bruckner

U Lig en U Waarheid                               Pieter van der Westhuizen

Kyrie (Missa Rigensis)                              Ugis Praulins

Cum Sancto Spiritu (Gloria)                      Hyo-won Woo

Angele Dei                                             Susan LaBarr

I Love You/What a Wonderful World         arr. Craig Hella Johnson

Tshela Moya/Ke nna yo Morena               Michael Barrett

U Lig en U Waarheid & the Kyrie (Missa Rigensis) will be performed with special permission from the publisher. ASC members will NOT need to order these pieces through music vendors.


Audition Information

  • Auditions will be done in each MCDA/MMEA District - see District Choir/MCDA District Rep for specific info.

  • $10 audition fee

  • Audition includes District Choir vocal solo and sight-singing score along with "music minus one" quartet audition

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