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7-8 Honor Choir

Audition Information

Step 1:

Prepare your audition

Registration will be open February 15-April 15 - Audition fee is $15 and is paid through OPUS 

NEW Audition process for 7/8 and 9/10 honor choirs (current grade)


1. My Country ‘Tis of Thee (America) or The Alphabet Song:  
Starting on the pitches listed

below, sing the first verse (or one time through for the Alphabet Song) unaccompanied, at a moderate tempo. Accompanied
singers will be disqualified


Starting pitches for either selection:
Soprano:  A above middle C     Alto:  E above middle C
Tenor:  A below middle C         Baritone: F below middle C
2. SOLO: Sing one to two minutes of a song of any genre (with or without accompaniment), which demonstrates your best vocal technique and musicianship. Limit the piano introduction to no more than 5 seconds.


Step 2:

Submit audition recording and information through OPUS 

Step 3:

Selected students should pay their participation fee of $50 through OPUS 

(T-shirt, 1 lunch will be provided)


Contact: Jon Logan

MCDA 7-8
Summer Honor Choir

July 16, 2024

University Plaza Hotel &

Juanita K. Hammons Hall (MSU), Springfield, MO

Event Information

  • Open to students who are currently in grades 7 & 8

  • Rehearsals: July 16 in Springfield, MO

  • Performance July 16 (evening)

Meet the Clinician






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Note: MCDA does not offer refunds in the event the student cannot attend.

For safety reasons, all rehearsals are closed to the public. Only those who are official chaperones or registered members of the conference (including single day registration) are allowed in the rehearsal space. Please help us maintain the safety of our singers by adhering to these requirements.

For liability reasons, members are not supposed to be official chaperones. But in the event that there was no other option, members still need to register for the conference. Thank you for supporting the organization that supports these ensembles!

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