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St. Louis Metro District


Jennifer Oncken

District Events

September 30th- District Honor Choir Auditions, DeSmet HS

October 26th- District Honor Choir Rehearsal #1 (location TBD)

November 2nd- All-State Choir Auditions; District Honor Choir Rehearsal #2- MICDS

November 4th- District Honor Choir Clinic/Performance @ UMSL Touhill Center

Middle School

SSAA- Pamela Grooms.     SATB- TBD

Membership Work

Connecting with directors new to the district and extending personal invitations.

Successes & Challenges

New directors in the district bringing lots of positive energy and excitement.

Voted to raise compensation for judges, chose to keep SSAA, adding second evening stay for clinicians out of area.

SLPS participation is sparse, and we have difficulty connecting with new directors due to turn over. We are constantly seeking ways to  make participation in events inclusive to the members of our district.

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