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Missouri All-State Choir Audition and Selection Permission Form

(This form must be signed and turned into the District All-State Coordinator before a student is allowed to audition for All-State Choir.)

                                              ● Missouri State High School Activities Association regulations shall prevail at all times.

                                              ● MMEA authorization and regulation shall supersede any affiliate organizations regulation.

                                              ● If an MCDA District, a specific school, or an individual student does not follow these guidelines, that district,                                                    school, or student may be sanctioned by the state organization.

                                              ● The fee for the student auditioning for the Missouri All-State Choir is $10.00. Cost for the All-State Tee Shirt                                                      for Alternates is $8.00


Audition Eligibility

Students who attend schools that are members of the MSHSAA are eligible to participate in All-State organizations with their director‘s and their principal‘s approval, who shall certify the student‘s eligibility.


No student shall be penalized for selecting participation in one All-State ensemble over another.


Membership in the Missouri All-State Choir is open to students who are high school juniors or seniors as of the beginning of that school year.


A student auditioning for an AII-District/All-State performing group must be a member of the corresponding high school ensemble at their school. Thus, a student auditioning for the All-District/AII-State choir is required to be a member of their high school choir, if one exists. If a school does not have a high school choir, students from that school may still audition for All-District/All-State Choir if sponsored by a certified music instructor from that school.


A student must be a member of an All-District Choir as well as be on time and in attendance for the entirety of all rehearsals and performances in order to audition for the All-State Choir.


Each auditionee will be evaluated on tone quality, vocal technique and individual musicianship on the basis of part-singing, sight-reading, and solo singing. The evaluation forms will be the same throughout the state.


Each district will select 16 singers with the exception of the Kansas City Metro and South Central Districts, who will select 24 singers from their districts. Each district will select two alternates for each voice part.


Students selected for the Missouri AII-State choir, including alternates, must be on time and in attendance for the entirety of all rehearsals and performances, District and State. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal from the All-State Choir.


Audition Procedures

The use of illegally photocopied music by an auditionee during any portion of the All-District/ All-State audition process will result in disqualification of that auditionee.


A certified staff member of the school must be present at the All-State auditions or students will not be allowed to audition.


Students must audition on the same voice part for both All-District and All-State Choirs.


Missouri All-State Choir auditions will be blind auditions. The auditionees will be placed behind a curtain, screen or partition. If this is not possible, judges will sit with their backs to the auditionees. This applies to any element of the All-District audition.


Under no circumstance will a judge speak to the auditionee, nor will an auditionee speak to any judge. All communication must be through the room monitor.


Submission of Forms and Fees


Each Student selected for the All-State Choir will submit the following:


              ● A legibly completed student information form and the participation of $130 to the district all-state coordinator no later

                  than November 15. (Exception: In those districts who have not completed their auditions by November 15, the form and fees                            shall be postmarked no later than 2 days after the completion of auditions.)

              ● A code of Conduct form and notarized Medical Permission form to the District All-State Coordinator no later than the

                  first scheduled pre-All-State Choir rehearsal.


                  ALL-STATE CHOIR.

All-State Rehearsals and Performances

Students selected for the Missouri All-State Choir, including alternates, must be on time and in attendance for the entirety of all rehearsals and performances in his or her district. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal from the All-State Choir. Attending a rehearsal in another district will not be allowed. Each district must hold a minimum eight hours of All-State rehearsal time, divided into no less than two rehearsals. Individual teachers and their All-State students will receive advance written notification of the pre- All-State rehearsal dates and times from the District All-State Coordinator. These dates should be selected at the first meeting with the teachers present. A follow-up communication stating the dates of the rehearsals will be sent to participating teachers and students. Final preparation of the All-State Choir members is the responsibility for the District All-State Coordinator.


A teacher, certified staff member, or administrator must be present at each pre- All-State rehearsal and at Tan-Tar-A Conference Center for the MMEA Conference.


Students selected for membership in the Missouri All-State Choir must be on time and in attendance for the entirety of all scheduled rehearsals and the performance at Tan-Tar-A Conference Center. Exceptions are a student’s rehearsal or performance with their own school’s performing group at the conference, or a student’s serious illness. In either case, the student should immediately make contact with the All-State Coordinator or their District Chaperone. Each singer is expected to bring his/her music to Tan-Tar-A Conference Center along with a black folder and pencil. The sharing of music is not allowed.


No individual student will leave Tan-Tar-A Conference Center/Margaritaville Lake Resort at any time without the permission of the All-State Choir Coordinator. Students will not be allowed to leave to participate in school activities at their own schools or other schools while at Tan-Tar-A Conference Center/Margaritaville Lake Resort. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


In instances where an individual student does not meet these regulations, that student will be dismissed from the All-State Choir and excluded from participating in the All-State Choir auditions for the following year.


Appeal Process – Dismissal of a participant under any circumstance may be appealed by completing the form located under the District/State tab at The appeal must be submitted within 5 calendar days of the dismissal. Untimely appeals will not be considered. The appealing party may submit the basis for the appeal at that time. Participation in All-State Choir is a privilege and not a right. Under no circumstance will the committee hold a hearing or accept additional submittals regarding the appeal. All appeals will be thoroughly reviewed and considered. The appealing party will be notified of the committee’s decision within a reasonable time, and no later than 7 calendar days after submittal. The committee’s decision is final.


In auditioning for the Missouri All-State Choir, I have read and understand and support all rules and regulations contained above. The dates for the MMEA Conference are January 25-28, 2023.

Your Audition form is received!

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