Student Representative

Haley Stegeman, 
Missouri State University

Student & New Teacher Academy Information

The Academy takes place on Wednesday, July 17 and includes sessions on diverse topics from several master Missouri teachers.

Past sessions of the academy:  (to be updated soon) 
  • "Using Technology - How To Become An Administrator's Best Friend" presented by Blake Richter
  • "Thriving in the Minority: Leading in a Diverse Classroom, School, and Community" by Ryan Main
  • "From Student to Teacher: Thriving in the First Five Years" by Nathan Cook and Morgan DeClue
  • "Practical Programming" by Stephen Rew, Heidi Williamson, and Amy Krinke
  • A Conversation with Andrea Ramsey. 

Lunch is also provided and will be attended by several master teachers to continue the discussion of the day.

It is completely free - just sign up through the registration form.   
Contact Haley Stegeman ( if you have any questions.