Student Representative

Heather Hamilton, 
Webster University

Student & New Teacher Academy Information

The Academy takes place on Wednesday, July 19 and includes sessions on diverse topics from several master Missouri teachers as well as composer and educator Andrea Ramsey.

The sessions include 
  • "Using Technology - How To Become An Administrator's Best Friend" presented by Blake Richter
  • "Thriving in the Minority: Leading in a Diverse Classroom, School, and Community" by Ryan Main
  • "From Student to Teacher: Thriving in the First Five Years" by Nathan Cook and Morgan DeClue
  • "Practical Programming" by Stephen Rew, Heidi Williamson, and Amy Krinke
  • A Conversation with Andrea Ramsey. 

Lunch is also provided and will be attended by several master teachers to continue the discussion of the day.

It is completely free - just sign up through the registration form or contact Kathy Bhat or Heather Hamilton.